Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't know which is worse.......the US Mail or the Royal Mail. Mailers Beware!!! If you need to send something overseas that is of any importance at all, send it either by UPS,FED X or even DHL.

A friend of mine has sent me something twice from the UK and twice it's gotten lost. The more I hear from other people over there sending items to the US, the more I hear about packages getting lost and never showing up again. I lost a lot of faith in the US mail awhile ago, I think I have finally lost all faith in all of the US Mail and the Royal Post (or whatever it's called).

Just be cautious when sending items of any value. Make sure you take out insurance if you do use the regular mail.


  1. Could not agree more....the Royal Mail (UK) is abysmal in my area at the moment. It was great - so why do the powers to be insist on changing everything so it doesnt work nowhere near as well! So I have joined you in your rant (though cannot speak of the US mail)

  2. Oh how frustrating. Yes, I always insure my art in the post - can't trust the mail. A while ago in the UK there was a documentary on the TV about postal workers and some of the behaviour behind the scenes was shocking! Hope it turns up for you ....

  3. Thank you for the "heads-up" and sharing what happened - twice (!)... I'm so sorry!

  4. good to know, I've been waiting for a pkg from the UK for quite some time, it may never show up.
    hugs Lynn