Monday, July 26, 2010

I finally got them all uploaded, yeah!! In case anyone is wondering.............. the images are all stamps by Basic Grey and the stamped words are all from Invoke Arts.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

These are two of the extra large tags I made recently. For whatever reason I'm having some problems uploading the rest of the images, probably too big or something? But for right now this is what I've gotten uploaded. I think they turned out pretty cool? Sometimes I think I almost put too much thought into my other art pieces &/or projects. When I use some of the basic techniques we all know and love, along with the right embellishments, I can get some nice pieces that don't take too long to make and that I haven't turned them into more complicated pieces than they need to be.

I can't even believe how long it's been since my last posting. I've been really bad this summer about posting more often. I need to make a commitment to myself and to my followers to post at least every five days or so. You would think I could get that done at least?

If anyone has picked up or received their new copy of The Stampers Sampler, check out all my submissions in there. I was completely shocked at how many of my pieces they put into this one issue. Several of those Stampotique challenge pieces I made are in there. However, I'm very upset they didn't give credit for the stamps on those. So I'm going to write a quick note to the editor and hopefully they will publish it in the next issue. At any rate, check it out if you can, I actually think most of what they published has already been shown on this blog of mine.

Monday, July 5, 2010

This card was made for the Stampotique Designers Challenge #10. The topic was appropriately titled "FREEDOM", or rather "What does Freedom mean to you"? All these Stampotique girl stamps (and the boy stamps too for that matter) made by Daniel Torrente & Jill Penney have a gothic/alternative type style of dressing. So, I assumed what FREEDOM means to Linda here is that she can wear what she wants and look however she wants.

I hope everyone who celebrates Independence Day had a safe and wonderful 4th of July. I had a very relaxing, easy day with family & friends by the pool all day eating great BBQ & finger food. And luckily for us it wasn't the usual 115 degree weather like it normally is here on the 4th in Arizona, we ended up having a big cool down, it was about 104 degrees. We almost had to get out our coats