Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is a 5x12 street scene piece I made using some of Crafty Individuals new mini houses & trees (CI-273). They were so much fun to play with I have to say. And that's not all, Crafty Individuals also has two other stamps that have some more of these adorable mini houses & trees on them. They are CI-274 and CI-275. Don't you just love the little mini's? I know I do.

Monday, June 28, 2010

This is a tag I made using ArtChix Studio's new "Cool Butterflies" collage sheet. The words at the bottom of the tag are from the stamp I mentioned in the previous post that I got from a Club Scrap kit.

Over on Helga's blog ( right now she's been focusing on RECYCLE, REFRESH & RENEW. It made me think that when I used to belong to Club Scrap there was a kit I received that focused on those same words. So I went looking for what I had left from that particular kit and I still had papers and stamps that said pretty much exactly what Helga's been talking about. This is an ATC I made using some of that paper. The images are of course from ArtChix Studio.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life is good again, my computer is finally up and running again and on top of it I now have DSL and I no longer have to use dial up. It's so nice to be able to actually watch a video or tutorial and have no problems. My computer is just running so much better now. I think I still need to update my security system but that's it I think.

This stamped piece I made is 12 inches by 5.5 inches. I used all of the incredibly beautiful CRAFTY INDIVIDUALS stamps. The main image with the poppy field is a new stamp of theirs (CI-276) in case you want to run over and buy it. I wouldn't blame you if you did , it's really beautiful. If you go over to Jo Capper Sandon's site,, she made a really beautiful card using that same image. Of course all of her cards are stunning. At any rate, I wanted to make more of a scenic looking piece so I added some of their tree stamps to this along with the butterflies. The sentiment in the bottom right corner is theirs as well. CRAFTY INDIVIDUALS has some really great tree stamps that give the best impressions. If anyone is curious the other CRAFTY INDIVIDUAL stamps I used on this piece are : CI-231, CI-256 and CI-209. They also recently came out with some small house stamps and small trees. It seems like everyone is going through a phase right now where we all love things really small. You can create little villages and towns with them. Also, just in time for summer they have a great new seaside inspired stamp. I just love their stamps so much, you can't go wrong with them. Also if you visit their site, I happen to think they have one of the best Galleries there is.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I've fallen and I can't get back up. No wait, what I mean to say is my computer is down and it can't get back up................... This is the first time I've been on-line in about a week. I also just checked my e-mails for the first time in a week as well and boy do I have a lot to catch up on. It's amazing how much you can get behind in e-mails and those sort of things if you're not on-line for even just a week.

At any rate, it's been a long time coming but I finally have to get DSL. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I am actually one of the last known human beings who had dial up. I know, it's pretty comical. I had the "Geek-Squad" come out in one of their cute, little beetle bug Geek Squad cars and as it turns out, luckily I do not have another virus or worm like I did about a month ago. But what he did tell me is that because people are canceling AOL by the droves, and because of that AOL is cutting back on the phone numbers used to log on to the Internet, which is part of the problem I was having. He also said if you call to cancel with AOL, they are really giving people a hard time in letting them cancel their commitments/contracts with AOL. He said pretty much that AOL is not great at all anymore.

I think I postponed dealing with getting DSL because I assumed it would be expensive, I assumed there would be issues because I'm on the outskirts of town and not in the major metropolitan area and that it would just be a great big hassle to get it going.

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Per his advise, I called up Qwest and talked to them. They are going to send me a modem and you can either rent it or just buy it. Once you get the modem, you hook it up and that's it,you're on high speed. And it's only going to cost me $30 a month, yeah. So, for now until Thursday evening
(6/17), I won't be able to access the Internet, my blog or my e-mail most likely. I'm using my sisters computer right now. So please just keep that in mind if you send me an e-mail or a comment on my blog. I will respond as soon as I can.

Just thought I'd let my wonderful followers know. I was so detailed about what happened just in case anyone else is in a similar situation. It just sounds like AOL is on it's way out. I was always also worried about losing my e-mail address that I've had for probably 15 years now. But according to "The Geek" all you have to do is tell AOL you want to keep your e-mail address and that's it. There's no charge for that. What I was paying AOL for was the access phone numbers and NOT my

Now when I get attachments I will actually be able to open them. I will be able to go to YouTube and see art videos. It's going to be a whole new world for me. I can't wait.

Talk to you all on Thursday. Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is my latest submission for the eighth Stampotique Designer Challenge Blog. This time the theme was purple. I added a couple of the over sized heads to the smaller bodies of "Olivia" and "Perl". I love the look of that, a big head on a small body. These two are "Beauty School Dropout's" as you can see. Something tells me that they won't let that stop them.

ഹിയര്‍ ആരെ

These are a set of six tags I did for yet another ArtChix swap. I love the mushroom one and the Pink Dutchess one. I thought those two turned out pretty cute.

These are some more Twinchies I made for an ArtChix swap.