Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life is good again, my computer is finally up and running again and on top of it I now have DSL and I no longer have to use dial up. It's so nice to be able to actually watch a video or tutorial and have no problems. My computer is just running so much better now. I think I still need to update my security system but that's it I think.

This stamped piece I made is 12 inches by 5.5 inches. I used all of the incredibly beautiful CRAFTY INDIVIDUALS stamps. The main image with the poppy field is a new stamp of theirs (CI-276) in case you want to run over and buy it. I wouldn't blame you if you did , it's really beautiful. If you go over to Jo Capper Sandon's site,, she made a really beautiful card using that same image. Of course all of her cards are stunning. At any rate, I wanted to make more of a scenic looking piece so I added some of their tree stamps to this along with the butterflies. The sentiment in the bottom right corner is theirs as well. CRAFTY INDIVIDUALS has some really great tree stamps that give the best impressions. If anyone is curious the other CRAFTY INDIVIDUAL stamps I used on this piece are : CI-231, CI-256 and CI-209. They also recently came out with some small house stamps and small trees. It seems like everyone is going through a phase right now where we all love things really small. You can create little villages and towns with them. Also, just in time for summer they have a great new seaside inspired stamp. I just love their stamps so much, you can't go wrong with them. Also if you visit their site, I happen to think they have one of the best Galleries there is.


  1. Wow... this is wonderful, Shannon! All of that fussy-cutting... must have taken forever. And the coloring is lovely :)

  2. That's gorgeous Shannon. you are so clever at doing these complex pieces. Your colouring of the poppy stamp is perfect!

  3. Ooooh this is gorgeous. Great colouring :-) I have been on a couple of workshops with Jean Hardy of C.I. and she is fab. You know just how to turn these small stamps into larger pieces of art which look fabulous.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Just so you know, the T stands for tension!!!
    Glad you got your computer problems sorted. We recently had a virus and eventually after much stressing had to wipe the computer clean and start again. NOT FUNNY!! And you are right, e-mails etc build up very quickly when you can't get on-line. Glad you are back on-line! Kate

  4. Whoa! LOVE your gorgeous scene! So glad you're up and running again. xxD

  5. WOWSERS! this is sooooo fabulous! the details are amazing (and the hours of cutting)! Beautiful work m'dear! Glad to hear your computer is running faster! Happy Wednesday!

  6. wonderful piece... i love the way you make such long pieces... like landscapes. wonderful.
    so glad your computer is back up and running! i had probs with mine a week or so ago... it's so annoying!

    if you'd like the indian images... email me

    i did have them saved on faves but i've lost all of those but i have the images!