Saturday, September 10, 2011

My computer has died.........

well, in all actuality, it was my hard drive that died. My Dell computer is only four years old, you would think it would have lasted longer.

At any rate, I just wanted to mention it because I won't be able to scan and/or post to my blog until I get the new one. That will probably be sometime around October 3rd when I get my monthly paycheck.

I'm not the most "computer oriented" person there is, so if anyone has any helpful hints on buying a new computer or what to look for, etc, I would appreciate it very much. This will actually be the first computer I buy for myself on my own. The Dell computer was a very generous gift from my sister Stephanie a little over four years ago.

I'm kind of struggling between a desktop or a laptop. Basically I use the computer only for receiving and sending e-mails. Also, scanning, downloading &/or uploading pictures to save and edit for my blog. I would love to eventually try some digital art, however, for some reason I'm very intimidated by it.

This last computer has Microsoft Vista, which was a pain in the rear. There are lots of problems with Vista. I can't wait to get Microsoft 7. So, again, if anyone wants to point out anything I should look for, feel free. Also, I have no idea what brand is better than the next.

I look forward to doing a new art posting with my new computer the first week of October. I thank you in advance for any computer tips you might give me. Is it really the end of summer and the beginning of fall already? Wow!