Thursday, July 28, 2011

White Pen For Journaling &/or Mixed Media Artwork

I am calling out to all of you mixed media artist's to please help me find the "Ultimate White Pen", it would of course be for mixed media artwork.
I beg of you artist's out there in the mixed media world, please help me. One that doesn't run out with too much ink or paint so that you end up having a little puddle, one that doesn't skip as you're writing with it, one that works on any kind of paint or medium, basically one that just actually works well.
I am so frustrated, I swear I've bought every single one that is out there on the market (I think?), and they never seem to work right. In magazines like Stampington's "Art Journaling" I will read how those artist's suggest getting the Ranger Inkssentials white pen or the Sharpie Paint pens or whatever else that seems to work for them, but not me. HELP!!! Can anyone suggest a white pen to me that will actually work, I'm desperate?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I can't even believe it but this is my very first participation in one of the OCTOPODE challenges that Lily has. I'm such a fan of her stamps that I really am surprised by myself and that I don't have a bunch of cards made using her stamps. I'm a very slow starter , and of course better late than never right? So here is my first attempt.

I'm not that thrilled with the outcome of the background (we were suppose to have dots and dashes incorporated somehow), it doesn't look like it meshes well to me, but I don't have time to do another one now so there you have it. I do however like what I did with Marie Antoinette's hair. She was known for always having what we girls used to call "Big Texas Hair", and she always seem to have embellishments in her hair as well.
I used white yarn to do her hair and then I had to add some Pearl Ex to it so it went with her dress.

I'm looking forward to doing another challenge using Lily's amazing stamps. If you haven't bought yourself any, you are probably in the minority because it seems everyone has her products now. But if you don't, I say rush over to OCTOPODE and buy yourself some. The prices are extremely reasonable for what you get, and who wouldn't have fun with these images?

Talk to you soon and thank you very much for stopping by and for taking time out to write any comments. I appreciate it so very much.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This is a piece I made for the current Stampotique "Flower" Challenge. Lately I've been so in love with turquoise, silver and yellow together.
It's such a pretty combination I think. With these great Daniel T. characters, I love to add the larger heads to the bodies. I already had some of these flowers stamped out in turquoise from a previous project and I just didn't end up using them. So I got lucky because the flowers were mostly done already. Cutting the stamped images out sometimes can take forever. I have a box of stamped images that I've cut out for various projects over the years and I just didn't use them for whatever reason.
I dip into that box whenever I can, it comes in handy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

These are a few tags I made recently just for fun. These little art doll stamps are from Catslife Press. They have some pretty cute stamps for very reasonable prices over there.

The black and white bottle cap circles and the bubble wrap impressions have a very "Kate Crane" looking style to them, at least that's what I think (hopefully I'm not insulting her by saying that). Of course I don't have anything close to the talent she has, if you haven't visited her blog lately I highly recommend it
She also has recently come out with a couple of DVDs that I'm sure are wonderful. I have yet to get them but they are at the top of my list.
I admire her style and talent so, so much.

At any rate that's all for now. Just trying to get through an Arizona summer, it was 117 degrees here today. Thank God for the pool and the air conditioning.