Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Mama's birthday was yesterday 5/26, this is the card I made for her. I just love those Prima flourishes in the flat backed pearls, so pretty. The flowers are cut from Prima paper also.

These are some "Twinchies" I did for an ArtChix swap. I love adding rub-ons to the smaller collages like inchies, twinchies, moo cards, etc. It seems to bring the whole thing together, at least I think it does.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This tag and tag holder is for the STAMPOTIQUE'S 7th blog challenge. The one requirement was to use a template of some kind. I'm not sure why I took so many pictures of this tag & tag holder, but I guess I just wanted you all to get a good look at all the different angles. Above this paragraph is the actual template I used. It is from Club Scrap from when I was a member. If you've never checked Club Scrap out, you should. They have amazing, and I do mean amazing kits that they send out. Not only do you get the custom made papers, custom made matching stamps that go with the monthly theme, but they also include templates like this one in some of the months and they have embellishment packs & greeting card packs if you want them.
I absolutely loved being a member. However, financially things got pretty tight for me and I had to cancel my membership. I'm hoping one day I can go back. They truly are an awesome company. The good thing about their stamps too is that you can't get them anywhere else, they are one of a kind to Club Scrap. I got so many great stamps when I was a member there.

At any rate, back to the template and photos. I used "Perl" & "Gibi" on the actual tag. Even though this is a slim tag, those Stampotique stamps are thin enough for them to fit. As you can see from the template, you have the option of being able to include little holes & squares on your tag holder. I did initially put them on the tag holder, but I decided I didn't like that so I covered one side up with another panel of paper & I covered up the other side with buttons. I sure hope everyone likes the tag and tag holder.

I just have really enjoyed doing these challenges with Stampotique and their Design Team. These stamps right now are hotter than heck. I think everyone I talk to is either ordering them, wants to order them or is waiting on an order. Then of course Jo Capper-Sandon has her new stamps out through Stampotique. Those are awesome as well. I hope to get my hands on her bumble bees & the mushrooms sometime in the near future. If you haven't seen her stamps yet, that is also worth your while to check out. As I said, those are at Stampotique as well. Jo certainly deserves all of her new success, she's an amazing artist and I'm so happy for her.

Okay, well I've blabbed on for long enough now. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is the Mother's Day card I made for my Mama. For some reason I wasn't really thrilled with it, it seemed like something was off or it was missing something. I made it on bookboard and gave her an easel to put it on. I've gotten to where I like doing that instead of the traditional card sometimes. Because then it becomes a decorative piece as oppose to a card that gets put away after the celebrated day is over.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is the card I made for the latest STAMPOTIQUE challenge. The theme was "Thinking Out of the Box". As soon as I heard what the theme was my first thought was of one of the images standing next to an actually box and thinking. Kind of the literal version of the theme.
I want to apologize once again to whoever is interested for not posting much at all thus far this year. I've just been in slow mode lately and for some reason I can't seem to kick it into gear. Bare with me though, I'm hoping that I will be creatively productive very soon and go back to posting at least once week. I actually had one viewer of my blog tell me that she loved my work but she really wished I posted more often. On one hand that made me feel so great that she was that interested in me and on the other hand I felt horrible that I wasn't posting enough for her. I guess what it boils down to is that this is my blog and I have to go at whatever pace I need to go at, and I can only hope that people want to continue to follow me at whatever pace I go at. Blah, blah, blah......... I'm shutting up for now.