Sunday, July 25, 2010

These are two of the extra large tags I made recently. For whatever reason I'm having some problems uploading the rest of the images, probably too big or something? But for right now this is what I've gotten uploaded. I think they turned out pretty cool? Sometimes I think I almost put too much thought into my other art pieces &/or projects. When I use some of the basic techniques we all know and love, along with the right embellishments, I can get some nice pieces that don't take too long to make and that I haven't turned them into more complicated pieces than they need to be.

I can't even believe how long it's been since my last posting. I've been really bad this summer about posting more often. I need to make a commitment to myself and to my followers to post at least every five days or so. You would think I could get that done at least?

If anyone has picked up or received their new copy of The Stampers Sampler, check out all my submissions in there. I was completely shocked at how many of my pieces they put into this one issue. Several of those Stampotique challenge pieces I made are in there. However, I'm very upset they didn't give credit for the stamps on those. So I'm going to write a quick note to the editor and hopefully they will publish it in the next issue. At any rate, check it out if you can, I actually think most of what they published has already been shown on this blog of mine.


  1. How exciting to be published! I so love your work! xxD

  2. BTW, the tags are just gorgeous! xxD