Saturday, December 5, 2009

I was in need of two Thank You cards for two different men. I of course didn't want them to be too feminine, because most of the cards I make are. These two cards here are what I made. I have to show real constraint to not use ribbon or frill of any type on my cards, and as you can see here it was a losing battle in this instance. I used Basic Grey papers for both cards. I have to say Basic Grey is probably hands down my favorite or one of the top five favorite companies. Every once in a blue moon they will come out with a line I don't like, but it's very rarely. For instance, this new line they have coming out in December for next Valentines Day, I hate it. Which I can't even believe, but I tend to not like papers, embellishments and so on that have a child like drawing to them. I like very polished, beautifully detailed papers. But I do love their other new line that is coming out which has greens, yellows and blacks together. Those colors once you see them together are so complimentary. And they continue to expand on their embellishments which gets quite expensive.
At any rate, that's enough about Basic Grey. I am such a paper, embellishments and art supply fanatic that I could talk in great detail about every company there is. Isn't is amazing when you think about what types of supplies you liked when you first started and what you like now? It seems to change as often as you grow artistically. But I suppose that's normal.

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  1. Absolutely love the first one posted here, such lovely colours for a start and the flower on the second one is beautiful, I love your work.