Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I want to clarify something I wrote about on my Halloween post from 10/31/09. A few people have commented on what I said and I think they got the wrong idea. I was apologizing for my backgrounds and telling you all how bad they were and that I wish I was better with them. I was not referring to the backgrounds on my art pieces, I'm referring to the background behind the pieces I have scanned.

I probably should put either a white or black piece of cardstock behind each piece I scan, but I forget to do that. Especially on the pieces that aren't square in shape, it's hard to get the backgrounds just right on those. The square ones are easiest because I just crop out everything except all four sides of the art piece I have just scanned. As I had mentioned, my friend Trudi does awesome backgrounds, and so do a lot of you as well. Trudi can give the scanned art piece a framed background or put ribbons around all sides or just get the background all completely blacked out. But like I said I'm not great at it and it's something I need to work on. I probably need to buy photoshop or a similar program like that. Right now I'm using the free IrfanView.


  1. Shannon
    I often feel it is difficult to photograph items especially if the sun is coming in the area where photos are being taken, or it is gloomy outside. I am learning as I go along when photographing my art...but I do love the enhancement feature on PSP...I find it works well at brightening the image. I use both PSP and PS...PSP for brightening the object and adding text...PS for optimizing images for the web...it's all about fiddling around right? Happy Tuesday!

  2. Shannon you are totally awesome to me !!
    P.S. I could see no wrong in anything you do.

  3. Shannon is the big "winner" of Artchix,I am so thrilled for you my friend.You are the Art Paper Doll Queen !!!!!!!!!! Enjoy,I am so thrilled for you and you deserve it. You are so talent and brilliant Shannon.
    Your Paper Doll theme's were fabulous.
    Enjoy, Biggest Hugs Laura.
    Great, great and great.
    The published Art Doll sheet are beautiful too !

  4. Hi Shannan, just thought I would pop by and have a look after seeing you as the featured artist in this month's Craft Stamper magazine, love the things you make and particularly love the wall hanging in the mag and here on your header. I shall pop by again to see what's new. xx