Sunday, November 8, 2009

ArtChix Blue Moo Crads

These are the first six Moo cards I made for the up and coming ArtChix swap. I'm not sure or not if I'll be making six more. I've hit a bit of a slump and I'm not sure what direction to go?

I am however very happy to announce that I won the ArtChix Art Doll contest/swap. It was very unexpected and I was very excited. The ART Dolls are here on my blog back in one of the October posts. There were so many amazing entries I was really humbled by the win. That particular Yahoo group has an incredible amount of talented artists.


  1. These are just wonderful "Awesome" Shannon !!!
    Whatever art direction you choose will be the right one,any art work you create "Rocks".
    You are so full of creative imagination.
    I feel that way too somtimes,I get thinking time to make a change? I think it is art growing pains,LOL It is so good to challenge yourself to try new things on your art journey.The "winds of change" are in the air.
    Change is so good for your soul,always moving forward. "Positive thinkings"
    These Artchix Blue Moo cards are so clever.
    I am so excited and proud of you winning the Artchix Art Dolls contest/Swap. Your such a winner Shannon !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Big Hugs,Laura.

  2. Heh Shannon, I was just at Helga's blog and rushed over to congratulate you! I'm so happy for you! It must be incredibly fun to be able to surf through and decide what to do with $100.00!!!!