Saturday, October 31, 2009

These are a few Halloween pieces I did that I thought I'd appropriately show you today. Before I tell you a little about them, I want to apologize for my backgrounds. I wish I could do really even, great backgrounds but I don't know how. My friend Trudi over at Two Dresses Studio can do wonderful backgrounds. I wish I had her digital talents because she's amazing. So try and ignore my sloppy backgrounds if you don't mind?

This first one is a Halloween collage I did on 6x6 bookboard. Granted the witch isn't scary looking, in fact she's quite sweet looking, but there are those good witches too.

The second one is a little house I made initially for Leslie at Alpha Stamps. I thought the little girl coming out of the pumpkin was pretty cute, so I thought I'd show you that one.

And finally I made this little holder for some Halloween tags I made. The tags I actually made pretty quickly one day for my sister Shelly who was going to be having a Halloween party and I was giving her examples of what she could do to decorate her house a bit.

Happy Halloween to everyone out there in blogging land. Tomorrow is November, can you believe it?

1 comment:

  1. Shannon you are so talented, these are lovely.
    Nothing to be sorry about,the backgrounds look wonderful. I love them all !!!!!!!!
    I love halloween related art work, these are awesome.