Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm a little late with this particular post but a very, very happy 50th to my big sister Shelly. Look how darn cute she was? I of course had to rosy her cheeks up a bit with some chalk. This is the card I made for her to celebrate her birthday this year. I can't even believe she's 50. I remember when both my sisters (who are six and seven years older than me) were in their late twenties and me and my friends thought they were so old. Wow, time goes fast doesn't it? I should find a picture of her to show you all what she looks like now. She doesn't even look close to 50, more like 35 to 37, somewhere in there. She has this amazing figure and the big perfect boobs with blonde hair, you know.........she's the whole package. She's incredibly beautiful. It's truly annoying when people think I'm older than she is. But oh well, I've had some physical challenges that she hasn't had and I'm just proud to call her my big sis. At any rate, on October 9th she turned 50 and this is what she looked like back in the day when she was just a little babe in the woods, cute as a button then, cute as a button now.


  1. Why Thank You Shannon!! I feel this is the best piece of artwork on your blog!! LOL!!

    Love Shell

    P.S. Thank you for the boob comment!!

  2. Shannon your a scream,Happy special Birthday to your wonderful sister.
    Nice to see you back on your blog.
    Missed you.

  3. Lucky Shelly and Stephanie to have you as their sister!