Thursday, June 11, 2009

SaturdayVille's First Giveaway

Since my blog is pretty new and I obviously want to get some more followers, I have come up with an idea that I hope my current 16 followers will take part in.

What you need to do is tell as many people as you can to post a comment on my blog and within that comment they should tell me who referred them to the blog. My hope is that they will become followers once they view my blog.

Whoever refers the most new followers will get the prize. The prize will consist of: 1) A couple different pieces made by me. 2) Some ephemera &/or collage sheets 3) Some fibers &/or ribbon and 4) Some different sheets of paper. Think of it as a kind of kit to make your artwork with.

I hope this is incentive enough for each of you to participate. Good Luck!!


  1. Sounds a fun idea...I dont follow any blogs though, what I do is link to them and it highlights any new post on my blog- and you are on my list already :0)) You have more 'followers' than you realise I imagine, as lots of people I know follow blogs that way :0)

    Great to hear you've been receiving the Craft Stamper! Its a good mag isnt it for all styles :0)

  2. Shannon your blog and artwork are fabulous.
    I will put your blog giveaway on my blog later today.I have some stuff to do right now.
    Is it ok if a take a picture from your blog?
    I will do something for you, your blog is awesome and so are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A giveaway, so much fun.
    Hugs, your friend Laura.

  3. Hey Shannon, beautiful work! I've seen you in the mags and didn't know about your blog. Laura Haviland sent me!

  4. Hi Shannon, you know that I think your art is terrific, and am one of your ardent followers. I always look at your work for inspiration. The resolution project published in sew somerset is amazing. I admire the passion you put into every piece that you create.

  5. Shannon,
    your blog is delightful!!!! I couldn't figure out how to answer your ? about Ranger U costs.
    Finally I found you here....

    It is $250 to register, then airfare, hotel for 4 nights, and 3 dinners. The rest is pretty well paid for...donuts, snacks,soda, lunch and a BBQ one night. About $1300 for me. But it depends on your air...mine was $320.

    Hope that helps, not cheap, but worth the cost.

    Good luck,