Friday, June 12, 2009

Adjustment to the GIveaway Rules

Jo Capper-Sandon brought up a good point to me. Not everyone adds their name to a blog follow list, but they can still get e-mails of when that particular blog does new posts each time.

So, in light of realizing that, the person who gets mentioned the most in a comment to me as being the referral person to my blog by the new third party, will win the giveaway. Does that make sense?? Basically if you want to participate, tell whoever you want to go to my blog and make a comment, and within that comment they should mention your name as being the person who referred them to my blog.

So there you have it. Trying to write that so it doesn't sound completely confusing wasn't that easy.

Hey, if I only get one comment that's ok, then at least I got one more person to check out my blog right?

Thanks everyone!!



    Shannon I'm giving your contest a try. Here's the blog post I did regarding it a few minutes ago. I hope it will bring you new traffic. I only have one local friend that does this type of work, so will email her personally. I just met her last month at our new shop called "the French Flea" and we've not made connections to get together, but plan to soon. I'm pretty sure she'll enjoy your blog.

  2. Would you mind adding me to your blog roll? I just added you this morning and thought I already had you on mine, but I didn't. I had a lot of catching up to do this morning on your blog. Way to go-

  3. Gretchen sent me over from and I just think your artwork is sooo sweet! Keep up the good work!

  4. Shannon, I have posted you on my blog and added a link too. I have added you to my favorite blog side tool bar, I will post to my yahoo groups belong too, information etc later tonight.I am trying, LOL.
    Please enter me in your giveaway, this is fun.
    Hugs, Laura.

  5. Hi Shannon! I'm so glad you left a note so I could come find you and your beautiful work! Wow, woman, look at all of those publications too! It is no surprise, everything I've peeked at here is GORGEOUS! Those ATC's and Dream House are delicious. I'm adding you as a link so I can come back often and peek some more in older posts - you have a quality of work that reminds me of the new Prius commercial that I posted about recently - the moving people landscape one - something about your work and colors give me the same very exciting and creative and warm vibe. Delicious! Do you have a flickr?

    Thanks for dropping in and leaving such a nice note. My maiden name is Salyer and people always pronounced at as Sawyer, so we are name sistahs kind of. Have a great weekend!


  6. Hey matter what I do I can't Follow you...I've tried everything and it is a total bummer...I'll give it a try later today :)


  7. I was referred here by Laura Havilland. Great blog Shannon. Glad to find it, will go add it to my blog list now.