Sunday, July 29, 2012

I realize this is very late in getting posted, but I did want to show it any way. I actually made this for my brother in law's Mom. He had asked me to make one for her the year before and I never did get it done for him. So this past Mother's Day I made this one for him so he could take it back to Minnesota with him when he went to visit her. Apparently she really liked it which is all that matters to me. Plus I'd do anything for my brother in law, he's a doll and I adore him. I'm so happy my sister found him.


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Great mother's day card! Love the beads, they look like old fashioned shellwork, really sweet! So nice of you to do that for your brother in law, how lovely that you get along so well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, for your sweet comments about the faux food (I could tell you what I use to make them but then I'd have to kill you, *wink*! Hehehe! That's a little secret I do keep close to my chest though)

    Thanks also for your comments and support regarding the copying and image theft. I've met some great new people since writing that post, and am happy to have found your blog too!

    Take care,
    Natasha xx

  2. what a beautiful card!! so lovely!! =)
    hugs, SannaS