Friday, April 9, 2010

I can't even believe it's been since March 17th since I last posted. For anyone who likes to follow me and notices when I'm gone, I sincerely apologize for that. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am so honored to have 54 followers and I just want to make those followers happy or inspired in some way. I just hope that when I do post you get some sort of inspiration or something positive from my postings?
I haven't been posting much for a couple reasons. The first being my physical issues. I'm just finding that as I get older, I work a lot slower than I already did and I just have to get used to this new pace of mine. The second reason being is that I was working on something for Helga at ArtChix. And third, I just haven't found the time lately. I hope my wonderful followers understand?
These tags I made are a little different I know, but they are just something I was playing with the last few nights. I first did a random, free-style background using paints, gesso, bubble wrap, a few different stencils, plastic lids, old cardstock that has had larger holes punched out of it and so on. Once dry I used a black felt tip pen to add more to the background such as tiny dots around the larger circles and various borders. I then stitched all of the edges of each tag. I now wish I had used black thread, but I used white. I wanted to incorporate some acetate pieces made by Hambly which were journaling spots. They have lines for writing on them obviously and then flourishes and swirls. I just thought instead of using them for journaling I wanted to use them as an additional texture piece. And I pretty much made all of the tags a "Bird" theme. The stamped birds are either from Invoke Arts or from Character Constructions. I colored in the stamped birds with Stampin Up colored pens &/or Twinkling H2O's. The acetate journaling spots were actually put over each stamped bird. I attached most of the acetate pieces by sewing them on and one of them I attached with brads. I finished the tags off with a small little sticker quote. Like I said, they are a little different, but sometimes different is good. I'm actually really pleased with how they look (except for one of them).
I'm in the process of making a few cards using Crafty Individuals new stamps. I will post those as soon as I'm done. They have the most amazing stamps and they just get better and better. If you haven't been over to their website, do yourself a favor and check out their wonderful products. If you've never been over to their website, the first thing I would recommend doing if you do go to check it out, is to look at the finished pieces in their Gallery. It just seems to me like no matter what someone makes using their papers, stamps &/or images, it comes out so beautifully because you basically can't go wrong. Can you tell I just love their products?


  1. these are fab Shannon. a wonderful mixture of different techniques, colours and textures. they make a really interesting set. love those weird birds LOL!

  2. Shannon, these are SO like you. You always come up with something beautiful and a bit different; that's what I love about your artwork. No need to apologize for being busy with other exciting things. I am a follower, so when you do post it pops up in my reader list and I always come see what new stuff you have posted. Hugs!

  3. These are all simply beautiful Shannon - you really put your heart into everything you do and it shows! Even though each one is different, they all seem to also be related to each other and so, in my mind, this makes them even more artistic and beautiful together.

  4. Hey Shannon, I wondered where you were at! Doing stuff for Artchix! Way cool. There goodies are awesome! Can't wait to see what you did!
    Love all your bird tags, very Artsy!

  5. hi shannon... thank you for your wonderful lovely comments on my blog.

    these tags are gorgeously delicious. since my last lot of sewing on card, my machine has decided it doesnt like it and keeps gobbling the thread and the fabric up!

    can't wait to see what you make with the new crafty individuals stamps... i bought myself a couple of the new ones.

    mandy x