Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm still working on this darn love book or what I think I'm going to call "When a Man Loves a Woman". The above are some of the tags and little pieces I've made to put into the book. This project has turned into a much bigger project than I thought it would be initially. I've been neglecting my blog and everything else, but that's something I want to discuss with my wonderful followers.
I was thinking about how I managed my time last year and how I was always having to fall out of a swap here or there because I didn't finish, or I wanted to submit to the magazine and it turned out I lost track of time. I was also involved in a wonderful project with Carol Murphy and I ended up dragging my feet (unintentionally of course) on that which caused her problems. I feel horrible about that.
But what I am realizing is that (and I'm quite sure you can relate) I sit down at the computer with the simple task of checking my e-mail and next thing I know I'm getting up to go to the kitchen or something and it's been three hours. You know how when you check your
e-mail there might be a link to look at something, so you go on over and then that leads you to another site and then another. The other thing I have a bad habit of doing is I get e-mails about an on-line company having a sale or they have new products and I'll go over to the site and spend hours looking around. And that's even when I know I have no money to spend. I get distracted looking at blogs, I mean come on......... there are endless amounts of these amazing blogs with amazing artwork. That one you can do for hours on end. And of course my own blog is very important to me and I'm extremely proud of the fact that I have 50 followers who think enough of me to follow me. They are a priority to me, that's for sure.
But what I'm trying to say is that I lose so much time, and so much of it is wasted time, dicking around (excuse me) on the Internet. That is time I could have spent working on my artwork, discovering a new technique or something, teaching a class, anything other than all of these wasted hours on-line.
It's just extremely important to me this year to prioritize and not get so caught up when I'm
on-line. If I'm checking e-mail I need to work out a system to look for the important e-mails, answer them and move on. Stay away from sites who want to sell me more of the products I already have an abundance of. (That's one of the problems, I love products.) And then work on my blog and at least post every five days if possible. Like I said that is definitely a priority to me, no question. But one thing I do want to say to the people who are kind enough to follow my blog and who are genuinely interested in my artwork. Please keep in mind that if I haven't been on my blog for a bit and I haven't posted, the only other reason would be because of my arthritis and I'm having a bad week or something.
So thanks for listening to me babble about my Internet addiction. Until next time. Hugs & Kisses!!

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