Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm back after taking a few weeks off from my blog so I could concentrate on Christmas. I hope that everyone had a safe, fun filled, happy holiday. Mine was interesting. Why is it that sometimes the holidays bring out the worst in people? You go into it thinking "Oh it's Christmas and I love this time of year ......." and so on, but then you end up fighting with your family. I've definitely had better holidays, but I guess the important thing is that everyone is healthy and doing okay. That's all I want for my family, is for everyone to be healthy, happy and able to sustain the way of life they have set up for themselves.
At any rate, this year I decided to do a different twist on the Christmas cards. Instead of doing the traditional colors of green and red, I chose some other colors to work with. These are two of the finished pieces I made for a couple of my friends. I stopped making the traditional cards a few years ago and now I make either little collages or hangings or something along those lines. That way they can hang on to them and hopefully set them out each year.
I hope that everyone out there in blogland has a safe and wonderfully exciting New Year. 2010 here we come.
Happy New Year!!!


  1. Lucky friends to have these little pieces of art to cherish, Shannon!! I love both of them. Happy 2010 to you!

  2. Very pretty Shannon - it's nice to see something other than the red/green. As for Christmas, we can't choose what family we're born into can we? My stepdaughter's friend made a funny comment about it saying something along the lines of "why would Xmas be anything different from the usual disappointment and let down it's always been?" Sad, but it was funny at the time. One thing for sure, it's temporary and it too shall pass! Hope you're doing better and looking forward to exceeding all of your goals in 2010!


  3. I love looking at your great stuff!

  4. Happy New Year Awesome Shannon,
    It is so much fun to create different ideas that really work out well. I love what you do.
    Best wishes for a wonderful new year ahead for you. I will be back to creating and blogging soon. Thinking of you, hope you are feeling good. Big Hugs, Laura. xoxx. I look at my evelope everyday, love it !!!

  5. Shannon I finally got something away in the snail mail,I wanted you to have. I am so slow just little "more to come".
    Thinking of you, awesome girlfriend.
    Hugs, Laura. xoxx

  6. Hello Shannon...your Christmas sounds a bit like how mine was...complicated family...arghhh! I love the piece here :)
    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog about the altered book pages...I have used old Anna Griffin paper that I handcut flowers out of, a greeting card that had flowers on it and was cut around, some K & Company papers and I have a few more pages that will have my own diningroom wallpaper border handcut. I find Anna and K & Co. papers are very easy and well suited for collage flowers.

    HTH! Nancy