Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm working on a collaborative project right now with the very talented and very popular Carol Murphy. We are making 9x12 pendant flags and the theme is PEACE. Not peace as in no more war, but more like peace of mind, body and soul as I have stamped on my flags. I could have done a whole lot better on this and embellished quite a bit more as far as I'm concerned but I was running short on time and needed to get to them to Carol. Do you want to know the kicker? We had a year to make these and get them to her. Yes that's right, a year and I still was running short on time. I of course waited until the beginning of September (basically the last minute) to start mine, which was ridiculous on my part.
But good or bad this is what mine turned out like. I have to say I love the angel stamp. My Mom actually found it last minute at a stamp shop here in Chandler, Arizona called Stamp Works. The guy who carves these stamps lives in New Mexico I believe and all his stamps are incredibly beautiful, even the stamp itself is beautiful because he carves the images into the wood. His name is Tim K. Stausell and he makes stamps for www.stampamania.com

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