Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is the second of a corrugated tag set of three that I've been working on. The first was awhile back and the theme was Paris. It had violets and pink hues in it. (You can look back in my older post's to find it if you're interested.) They all include music paper, some type of chipboard, one main focal stamped image (I'm using the re-released Acey Duey stamps from Stampington on all of them), and of course the corrugated paper.
I got some good news from Amanda Nolan at Stampington this past Friday. It looks like my "ATC's to Go" submission to Sew Somerset is going to be a technique based article in the winter publication. Yeah!! It's always great to get that kind of good news. I never, ever take it for granted or get used to being published, it is always an incredible honor. When you think about all the many, many talent artist's who send their work in for possible publication and then when you get picked, it's a very humbling.
I haven't been able to post as much to my blog as I want to right now. My arthritis is unfortunately probably the worst it's ever been. I'm starting to lose the use of my right hand and I of course am right handed. It's very scary. When you realize all that you do with your hands and that you might not be able to use it, it's very hard to come to terms with. My biggest fear is that it's going to get so bad I won't be able to create, use scissors, paint and so on. I just hope I don't lose any of my great followers yet. You all have been so kind and wonderful with your comments. I'm hoping that this is going to pass and my hand will feel better soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me because lord knows I can't cross mine. (a little arthritis humor for ya)


  1. Oh Shannon I related to you so much. I had back surgery about 10 years ago because losing the use of my hands. I still have bad days, my hands don't work great. I send feel better wishes and know how you feel. I am just on cloud nine for you published again, you are so awesome !!! I am not surprised with your art talent, a true gift. I love little Rambo too, so cute. I just love this new temptress, I will purchase her soon. I have the old one and just one of my favorites. Excellent art work,love how you work everything together Shannon. Again another winner, just fabulous like you !!!!!! Keep positive thoughts, I think that is the best medicine. Thinking of you and love all these marvelous tags, I just love the Temptress, great stamp. Can't wait to see what is next for you. PUBLISHED AGAIN, Congrads Shannon, do huge happy dance. Big Hugs Laura.

  2. Beautiful! Truly beautiful! Congratulations on another publication too! You are so talented and have so much to teach and share with the world. I am sorry to hear about your arthritis and truly hope there is something you can do to relieve the pain and your worry. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Admiring your artwork I had no idea you suffered so much. This is a scary place for you but you obviously have a sense of humour and I am sure a positive outlook. Hope you have better days soon. Love the tags especially as they incorporate 2 of my latest stamp purchases. So inspiring. Lynne M