Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm joining the ranks of artist's who are involved in the Art Journaling craze. I've attempted it before, but never with any real direction or thought process. Plus, nothing that I think I'd want to share.

This time I'm going to try and do a theme to each page and instead of doing my usual self-doubt, self-critiquing and so on, I'm going to try and just let myself go with it. I think like most artist's I have a tenancy to hate some of what I do, especially if it is a new process or a new avenue I'm venturing down. Usually I would have looked at this first page and thought, "No, that looks weird or wrong or whatever...." But I've got to allow myself to make the mistakes &/or learn from the actually process. Especially with an Art Journal, there should be no wrong or right to it because it's just me being expressive for myself.

I will be showing pages from my Art Journal from time to time now. This is actually the first page. The journal itself is actually 6x18, so it's very long and impossible to scan one whole page. So I've scanned it in two sections. This is the top and the bottom of this page will follow.

Any thoughts on my next artistic venture? Anyone interested in starting a journal with me? We could pick a theme or issue for each page and then post our results.


  1. Shannon,
    what bold and beautiful colors! Love them!

    Just a note, my maided name was Holtzer....Holtz is my nickname amongst my old HS friends. Ha! LONG time ago!

    Thanks for stopping by the blot and leaving a comment!


  2. Superb! Please keep making more!! I love what you do. It's beautiful! The images, the color, layering, texture everything is lovely.

    I would love to do a journal with you, but I always start and then never finish. So I probably shouldn't commit to it then huh? :) Too bad it would be a lot of fun I'm