Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guest Artist at, Yeah!!!

Hello everyone, happy Thursday to ya. I hope everyone is having a great week thus far with little to no stress at all.

I was honored recently by being asked to be the Guest Artist for the month's of July and August at Ann Moneypenny who owns and runs the stamp site is an extremely nice woman and if you've never been to her site, she has a wonderful collection of stamps available.

If you get the chance, go check out my work at her site. It's under the Guest Artist area. I would love to hear what you think about the pieces I did for her, good or bad. I always like getting constructive criticism about my work and I value each one of your opinions.

There is actually one piece that I sent into her for this project that I just hate. I'm not happy with the outcome at all of this one piece, but I was short on time and ended up sending it in since I didn't have time to replace it with a new one. It's the third piece titled "Wild and Free". I did this whole button, ribbon, leaf arrangement in the top left corner that just looks hideous. Take a look, you'll see what I mean?

That's all for now. Take care and have a great rest of the week. It's Fourth of July weekend here in the States!! Go swimming, eat hot dogs, watch fireworks, sit on the beach with a loved one, eat Popsicles, just do all those wonderfully fun American traditions that go along with the 4th of July and summer. But most of all have tons of fun this weekend and be safe.


  1. That is awesome Shannon, so happy for you !!
    I am off to check out your work, nice to see you back. Missed you.
    Hugs, Laura.

  2. I really love the style of the first three. I think its the colour combinations too. On Wild and Free I see the sleeping fairy- a fave of mine- she was in my first ever article, so I was kind of distracted by her to not notice the area you dislike so much, so it can't be that bad to us looking on :0) (I know what you mean though when something bugs you - its all you as the designer looks at isnt it).
    Congrats on the guest artist spot. 100proofpress have some fab designs, I love working with them and by looking at your examples, you do too. Fab work as always.

  3. Your work is just beautiful!! My two favorite pieces are Elvis and Under the Sea. Love them; such beautiful coloring!!

  4. Congratulations! off to find your elvis and under the sea... Thank you for enter my giveaway, Blanca.

  5. They are all spectacular! And a huge Congratulations to you. I love how you use background papers and build ontop, to me that is a true artform that not many people can grasp.

    Wonderful pieces that I know will inspire many people.

  6. Shannon, you're peices are great.... I love your layer work. As for the leaves in the corner.... I guess it's like having a bad hair day. You see it in the morning and you feel it all day, and then when you mention it to someone else, they have no idea what you mean. Congratulations on being selected to share your work. You are a superstar!

  7. Congratulations! I went over and looked at your 10 lovely, lovely pieces there! Wow! And your bio was wonderfully written and inspiring to read. I so wish you had a flickr where I could see all of your work together. I think you would see a lot of action on your work there but maybe you like things quiet. You are quite a talent!