Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling a little blue!!!

I have to admit I'm feeling a bit blue right now about my artwork. Do you ever go to someone's blog or see an article in Somerset Studio or something along those lines, and you see someone's beautiful, creative, amazing artwork and you feel like what you're doing isn't even close? It doesn't even compare? That's how I'm feeling right now. I love blog hopping and going from blog to blog getting inspired and seeing amazing works of art. But then recently when I was doing this every blog I came across was off the charts amazing. It made me feel like I have so much to learn and I'm not really an artist, I'm just someone who plays around creatively that's all. Have you all been over to Marsha Jorgensen's blog (http://TumbleFishStudio.blogspot.com)? She's simply amazing. Her work just blows me away. It is so colorful and the images just jump out at you. I am literally in awe of her work. But it has also made me feel like an unoriginal, untalented wannabe. Not to worry, it's just a phase, it will pass (hopefully). But really, if you've never been to her blog, go check it out right now. I simply adore her artwork. I wish she had a class I could buy on a dvd. But on the other side of that coin, I need to find my own look, my own style, something that sets me apart from everyone else. Until I find it, I will keep pretending that I'm an artist and maybe, just maybe something spectacular will happen?


  1. Oh Shannon...you are an artist! AND, you have your own style. We are always toughest on ourselves...I'm always amazed when someone admires my work....I just don't see it. "I" enjoy my work, but I don't think it's anything special. Your work is amazing, and you shouldn't have any doubts in your talents. Art comes in many styles, shapes, colors, sizes, and compositions....ART is in the eye of the beholder!!


    Christy Laudig

  2. You want to be you, not someone else, be confident and follow your instincts! I alos am inspired by all kinds of artists and sometimes adapt a technique to my style. I learn every day!!!!! I also have days like this, that's part of being an ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shannon "Talented" Shannon, you are an artist for sure !!! I feel sad you feel that way, you be proud of yourself.Remember I saw you on Artchix and said to myself I really admire Shannon's "Art Style ".She is Awesome and very talented. Everyone has their different talent and love what you do. You have a lot to share in the art world and I love what you create.
    Shannon the "artist" believe in yourself, you go girlfriend. I feel you are just beginning!! Hugs, your friend Laura.

  4. Oh my gosh, I swear I could have written this post. I know exactly how you feel! And yes I love Marsha's blog, she is amazing, and that's how I got here actually. :)

    I wish I had some wise words of wisdom for you, but I'm struggling to find my way as an artist myself. I think it just comes with time and confidence. And what I've seen of your artwork I really like, especially the ATC girls and the dream purse.

    Hang in there, I have a feeling this is a learning experience. :)

  5. I'm sorry I didn't get over here sooner after the messages we wrote each other yesterday. I want you to do something. I want you to look over in that sidebar of yours and count the number of magazines that have published your work. Do you know how many people would love to be able to be published just once? Do you know you have been published at least twice as many times as I have? Do you know you sound like a real honest to goodness artist? I was just writing someone else about this very thing tonight. You have arrived my dear - you are a proud member of the artist party whether you choose to believe it or not. Don't question yourself any longer because you have the compulsion to look, to be inspired, to learn, to ask, to try, to work, to experiment, to question, to compare, to take notes, to always wonder how you can clarify your artist voice a little clearer. If you didn't do those things you would never have become the artist you are and never find the artist you have yet to be. You are so much more talented than you will let yourself believe and I think we all do that to ourselves . . . otherwise we wouldn't feel the challenge that urges us to work more and better and differently and from the depths of places we never thought we could reach. It would be too easy otherwise and our work would fall flat. So, if you think I am an artist even when I don't think I am, if you think I have talent even when I don't think so, you remind me of this because I know it is all true and a part of the journey we are on and what moves us to keep traveling the path. And when we wear out along the way, another artist will come along and help you get goin' again. You keep going Shannon! I need you to pick me up later!

  6. Dear Shannon - Martha says it so well!!! If you didn't occasionally have some self-doubt, you'd be OOAK!!! I relate all too well with what you are saying but I think it comes with having a creative spirit.

  7. I know how blue feels, but you are one of my favorite blogs. I find your work so awesome! I would love to be as creative and talented as you are. You are my inspiration!
    Don't compare yourself with others. You a unique artist, with your own talents to offer.
    I love seeing your art...I guess you would call me a big Fan!
    Pattyjo :+)