Tuesday, May 5, 2009

These were three tags I made for Leslie at AlphaStamps awhile back using her great collage sheets. (Check out her website if you haven't already. She has wonderful collage sheets, stamps, charms and supplies.)
I actually gave these tags kind of a funny twist. If you click on them to make them bigger you will see what I printed on the computer to make them a bit humorous.


  1. So glad you linked to me ... I couldnt get the previous addy to work that you gave me.
    Anyway, I'm here now and love that you have a blog. Takes a little getting used to setting one up doesnt it but you'll soon get the hang of it :0)
    Loving your work Shannon (as you already know).
    These tags are beautifully composed. Love the soft hues and colour combinations you've used too.
    (ps..great blog name- like the story behind it :0) )

  2. Shannon,
    These are the most gorgeuos tags I 've seen!
    Lots of Love to you...

  3. What beautiful tags! I can see why you've been pubbed so much! What talent!

  4. Those are gorgeous tags! You do such great work!
    Pattyjo :+)

  5. Shannon - your tags shown in this blog post are so intricate and detailed. Love how you use the 3 dimensional style in your designs. Quite creative and gives such a great overall impact. No wonder you've been published so often, as it is beautiful art you are creating.
    Thanks for stopping by and giving me your link. I am now following you on my blog and have you on my blog roll, so that others can link to you.
    Its frustrating in the beginning trying to build up the blog readership, but I can't tell you how many people tell me they follow or view my blog, and most of these people don't leave comments. I wish more people were active, but at least with the counter, we have an idea if people are even visiting our sites. I didn't have that counter until 2 months into my blogging, and it really helps me.

  6. Forgot to mention that I enjoyed the story below of Saturdayville, and love the humor you've used in these tags. What a hoot!